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HP / Thermal inkjet provides a versatile inkjet solution, ideal for integration into mailing industry machinery.  Covering print widths from 13mm up to 200mm, it is suited to addressing, numbering and variable printing applications.

Speeds up to 2.8 m/sec are achievable.  Vertical resolutions can either be 300 dpi or 600 dpi.  The horizontal resolution is usually determined by the transport speed, typically between 150 and 300 dpi.

A wide range of high quality, industrial inks are available.  Cartridges simply click in and out whenever an ink change is required. 

Water based continuous inkjet

Many continuous streams of ink droplets are created.  Only those droplets needed to form the image land on the substrate.

Water based continuous inkjet systems may be run up to 5 m/sec.  They are ideal for printing on uneven surfaces at very high speed.

Arrays of 128 or 256 ink nozzles enable printing at 120 dpi or 240dpi.

Piezo / Drop on demand

Piezo crystals change properties under the influence of a tiny electrical charge at the rear of the ink reservoir.  Whenever a dot is required, a current is applied to the Piezo element; the crystal flexes and in so doing forces a drop of ink out of the nozzle.

Piezo / Drop on demand inkjet systems can run up to 5 m/s.  Oil based inks ensure easy, trouble free operation.

An array of 128 ink nozzles can be configured to fire at 128 dpi or 158 dpi.


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