Kern 60L

Kern 60 Logistics System

Cost reduction through optimisation of the production process
Simpler logistics, elimination of cardboard containers, production reliability - these are the main factors affecting the cost of the production process. The Kern 60 Logistics System addresses all of these issues.

The Kern 60 Logistics System is a modular system. The following modules are available: 

  • Input module
    The input module supplies empty envelopes to the document inserting system. The robot conveys postal trays from a pallet or cart to the envelope turning station. The envelopes are vibrated to loosen them up and to eliminate any static electricity. Afterwards, the even envelope stack is pushed onto the feeding belt.
  • Output module with postal code labeller
    The output module stacks the filled envelopes, packs them into mailing trays, affixes postal codes labels to the trays, and loads the trays onto pallets or carts.

The Kern 60 Logistics System - an important component within the Kern product range
The Inserting Systems Kern 3000 and Kern 3500 are already prepared for connection with the Kern 60 Logistics System. ADF system integration is also available.

Workload reduction
System operators should not have to train as weightlifters. Therefore, the Kern 60 Logistics System eliminates heavy lifting. For example, if a Kern 60 Logistics System is combined with a Inserting System Kern 3000 - the world's fastest document inserting system - the installation is capable of producing seven mail pieces per second. Assuming an average weight of 20 g per mail piece, this amounts to a load of 440 kg that has to be moved in the course of each hour.

Uninterrupted operation
The filled pallets or carts can be removed without interrupting production. Safety barriers protect the operating personnel from injury.

Minimal noise emissions
The Kern 60 Logistics System works very quietly.

Variety of postal trays
The Kern 60 Logistics System can accommodate almost all of the types of postal trays being used today.

Gentle envelope handling
An especially important feature is that the envelopes remain well protected from the moment they are packed by the manufacturer until the time they are sorted by the post office. As a result, far fewer malfunctions can occur.

For the sake of the environment
Reusable postal trays are utilised in place of cardboard containers. This not only reduces procurements costs but also eliminates the monetary and environmental costs of waste disposal.

Kern 60L Logistics System

Kern 60L Logistics System

The Kern 60L Logistics System completes the automation of the document output process. At the end of the inserting line, the mail pieces are loaded directly into postal trays. The Kern 60L Logistics System is already capable of handling many types of postal trays in use today.

The Kern 60L Logistics System can be equipped optionally with a printer for labelling the postal trays. The system is able to ensure that the information printed on a postal tray’s label truly matches the contents of the tray.

The Kern 60L Logistics System is a champion in flexibility. Its physical layout can be adapted to the floor plans of various production sites. The system is ergonomically designed and can be configured to meet your operator’s needs.

Both operation and maintenance of the Kern 60L Logistics System prove to be very simple. It is easy to switch between applications for processing paper of various sizes.

The Kern 60L Logistics System is the mail traying system tailor-made for the Kern 3500 Inserting System. It provides for a significant increase in productivity, and it makes work a pleasure for your operators.

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