MailFactory Document Control

As an expansion of MailFactory Validation, mailFactory DocumentControl enables the active control of processing at the document level.

On the basis of the mail-piece ID read on a document, the software issues database-derived instructions to the inserting system, telling it how pages should be collated.

Thus the control information for an inserting system can be handled separately from the printed information, which means that it can be revised during the course of production.

MediaControl is another option for augmenting monitoring and control. In addition to the identification of documents, MediaControl identifies enclosures and envelopes, thus further automating and securing the correct composition of mail pieces.

Printing addresses on windowless envelopes at the inserting system's exit is just one of the many possibilities offered by database-driven processing.

MailFactory DocumentControl ensures the integrity of your mailings by seeing to it that every mail piece is put together and processed correctly.



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